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#watercolorkiss Palette

$ 12.00


#watercolorkiss Palette

$ 12.00

Ever wanted to give professional watercolor pigments a try? Feel overwhelmed by the options for selecting the perfect brand? Well the #watercolorkiss palettes are for you!

Each #watercolorkiss palette features 6 pigments from a different watercolor manufacturer ready for your artistic experimentation. And a little bit goes a long way. You'll be painting with these for a while!


  • Choice of one #watercolorkiss palette
  • Exclusive access to private instructional video by Kristy.
  • FREE watercolor brush. This is a simple and effective brush perfect for experimentation and beginners.


The JOY Palette - Holbein Antique pigments including Seeding, Rose, Juane Brilliant, Bamboo, Dandelion and Coral Red.

The FAITH Palette - Renesans pigments including Bordeaux, Ultramarine Green, Payne's Gray, Venetian Yellow, Mineral Violet, Scarlet.

The RESILIENCE Palette - Daniel Smith pigments including Moonglow, Buff, Cascade Green, Opera Pink, Cerulean Blue, Quinadicrone Sienna.

The HOPE Palette - Winsor & Newton pigments including Naples Yellow Deep, Cobalt Turquoise Light, Ultramarine Violet, Alizarin Crimson, Olive Green, Winsor Orange.



**Due to seasonal pigment availability, reasonable palette color substitutions may be made without notice.

***Due to the watercolor paint curing time, we do ask that you please allow extra time for shipping. Each palette is made to order, so this allows for adequate dry time!

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