The Art for Joy’s Sake Palette –

The Art for Joy’s Sake Palette

$ 56.00

The Art for Joy’s Sake Palette

$ 56.00

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T H E  S T O R Y

What is your favorite watercolor palette?... A question I'm asked more times than I can count and so here it is friends. 9 pigments I go to again and again. 9 pigments that have lent my work a certain style and look for over a decade.

Each pigment is professional quality from a selection of the world's most beloved watercolor pigment makers.



  • 3 inch round, 1 inch deep white tin with gold detailing and interior.
  • 9 half pans filled within 1/8 inch of the pan's top. Each half pan is attached to the tin with super strength adhesive. Adhesive may need to be replaced after several months of use.
  • 1 small natural sponge nestled in tin. Perfect for blotting moisture and color as you work. Sponge can be removed and washed as needed. 
  • Enough paint to create over 50 paintings!


Pigments Included:
  • Winsor & Newton Cobalt Turquoise Light
  • Winsor & Newton Opera Rose
  • Daniel Smith Moonglow
  • Daniel Smith Buff Titanium
  • Mission Gold Shell Pink
  • Mission Gold Marine Blue
  • Holbein Naples Yellow
  • Holbein Vermillion Hue
  • Renesans Golden Green


***Due to the watercolor paint curing time, we do ask that you please allow extra time for shipping. Each palette is made to order, so this allows for adequate dry time!


**Due to pigment availability, reasonable palette color substitutions may be made without notice.