The Magic Wand - Hand Carved da Vinci Paintbrush –

The Magic Wand

$ 150.00

The Magic Wand

$ 150.00

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T H E   M A G I C   W A N D

Everyone should have a magic wand, right?

The magic wand is a hand-carved, hand dyed professional series paint brush. Each brush is *made to order and no two are exactly alike. This incredibly versatile brush can easily be the one quality brush you own.


- da Vinci Watercolor Series 418 Petit Gris Pur Mop Brush, size 4

- Russian blue squirrel hair is of the highest quality and holds a large volume of water which makes it excellent for mop and wash techniques

- Generously sized and hand shaped, its unique point allows for full strokes across the paper

- Bristles come to a incredibly fine point perfect for painting the smallest of details.

- Huge reservoir lays down large amounts of water ideal for wash and mop techniques.

- Certified green manufacturing with sustainable wood handles, Quill is expertly wrapped with copper wire


- Each brush is hand carved with vertical and horizontal ridges.

- After carving surfaces are smoothed and then dyed in shades of soft blue and green.

- The wood grain absorbs the dye organically and at times unpredictably creating a natural ombre of color.

- Brush is finished with several coats of non-yellowing polyurethane to lock in color and protect wood from exposure to water over time.

This collector's piece is meant to be used but like any quality brush, requires care.
- Clean brush after completion of a watercolor painting session. A few gentle swirls in clean water will do.

- Dry brush bristles and handle with care and take a moment to gently reshape the brush's tip.

- Store brush with bristles upright.

- NEVER leave any watercolor brushes sitting in water.

**Each brush is made to order. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for production.

 ***Holiday shipping deadline: If choosing USPS First Class, please order by 11/24 for holiday delivery. If choosing UPS Ground, please order by 12/15 for holiday delivery. Any potential delivery delays are out of our control and we can not guarantee delivery dates.