Artisanal Watercolors - Wonderfilled Palette –

Artisanal Watercolors - Wonderfilled Palette

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Artisanal Watercolors - Wonderfilled Palette

$ 158.00

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T H E  S T O R Y
I've been mixing watercolors from scratch for over a decade. There is something enchanting about working the dry pigments you'll eventually paint with into shape. During my career I've used nearly all watercolors available on the market, commercial and handmade. I'm a collector of pigments. But in that time I've learned what I love in colors and what I want more of that didn't quite exist. Until now.

The Wonderfilled Palette at first glance features an unorthodox combination of colors. But to paint with these is to know. You'll find a curious collection of bright-nearly fluorescents, creamy opaques, sheer brights and earthy bolds...

These colors are loosely inspired by my travels to Zion National Park but also my home state of Pennsylvania, where there are more greens around every corner than anyone could imagine.

Each pigment is made of at least 3 distinct natural elements. No single pigment watercolors here. My goal is to create highly pigmented colors that act a bit chameleon-like as your brush hits the paper. So will you ever see just one color in a dried swath of my watercolors - no.

C O L O R S   I N C L U D E D

* A Billow is two pigments swirled into the same half pan. Truly an #artforjoysake experience where you never know quite what your brush will pick up.

Muddy A richly pigmented opaque dark, dark color that is best described as the lovely richness that collects in the corners of a well-used palette.
Zion A slightly opaque, vibrant, velvety subtle orangey-red.
*Field Billow Sheer emerald with a hint of forest green, blended with a moderately opaque medium olive.
Sandstone Inspired by the rugged earth of Southern Utah. Slightly opaque and loves to travel and bloom in water!
Sunny A moderately earthy yellow that when dry reveals moments ranging from mustard to deep ochre.
Wahweap A berry pink with a creamy texture that dries more sheer than you'd expect.
Brook A spirited green, with aqua undertones. Sheer but saturated.
Prickly Pear Vibrant and slightly opaque. Reveals moments of raspberry and fuchsia as pigment dries.
*Earth Billow An opaque brick red, swirled with a slightly sheer terracotta hue.
*River Billow Sheer cerulean-like blue with a slight fluorescent punch, swirled with a creamy, opaque stormy sky blue.
Morning Chameleon pinks reveal themselves as this sheer pigment dries on the page.
Leaf A highly sheer and clean, yellow-infused soft green.

  • 12 custom color blends in watercolor half pans with magnets
  • Colors exist nowhere else in the world
  • Includes round gold travel tin
  • Handmade, hand poured in small batches 
  • Made with honey, glycerin, clove oil

Note: Due to the handmade nature of the watercolors, surface cracking, bubbles, & imperfections are normal & will not affect use. Pans are filled to the surface or just above.



***Please note: Coupons and discounts are not applicable for the Wonderfilled Palette.

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