The Artist –

The Artist


My name is Kristy and I am many things.  First I'm  H I S, second I'm a painter and wife and soon to be Mama.  God showed me that loving family and friends is the only way to live well.  Riches are not in dollars or possessions but in blessings cherished and experiences lived.    Although seemingly obvious, the reality of these statements is not one I've always known or lived by, but through the grace of God, I've listened and am still learning how to live a whole life, a good life, a joyous life,  A N   A R T F U L   L I F E.  

My life is full and sometimes overflowing.  Follow along  H E R E  if you want to know more.  My first series of books are set to debut in the Winter of 2015 with a second to follow in mid 2016.  M Y   H U S B A N D   A N D   I   A R E   A D O P T I N G  a sweet baby boy in December of 2015 and humbly wait for his life to change ours.   

I'm also the owner/founder of Momental Designs, where along with a team of 8, we bring heartfelt, soul-filled artwork to weddings worldwide.  XO