Kristy Rice Shop Gives Back –

Giving Back

With help of friends at T H E   A R C H I B A L D   P R O J E C T, Kristy Rice Shop is partnering with
N O R O C (meaning good luck and God Bless), a Romanian agency and physical needs of orphaned,
abandoned and abused children of Tulcea County. While sharing the all-inclusive love of Christ
N O R O C nurtures these children in countless traditional ways but also uniquely through a program called  A R T   F O R   E V E R Y   C H I L D.

Portions of Kristy Rice Shop proceeds will infuse the development of ART FOR EVERY CHILD KITS containing art materials and fun art instruction journals delivered to
N O R O C orphanages quarterly. These Art Kits are designed to not only introduce children to better quality art materials, but also to build valuable relationships between budding and professional artists worldwide.  Each kit will include journals introducing and keeping our artists in touch with the orphaned children of Tulcea County.
"We pray they will learn from us and know we will learn from them..." - Kristy Rice

{From top left: Hand Painted gift from Romanian child to Media Mission artist Lida Mathews, Finding that art knows no language boundaries, The Archibald Project co-founder Whitney Runyon with her mini-me in Romania, NOROC nannies spend time with each child and build an invaluable bond.}

is based out of Tulcea, Romania and services all of Tulcea county. Tulcea County is located on the Danube Delta, near the Ukraine border. This area is known as Dobrogea. N O R O C  currently owns four properties in Tulcea.  Kristy Rice Shop is working directly with Petru an Liz who work tirelessly to nurture the N O R O C mission on a daily basis.

T H E   A R C H I B A L D   P R O J E C T  is an orphan care advocacy organization.  They use media to tell stories. These stories advocate for orphans, educate on orphan care, build community, and inspire people into action. Because of their stories fewer children are called orphan.  Whitney and Nick Runyon are a husband and wife team who have literally answered God's call for orphan care domestically and the most difficult of places and situations. 
Follow along the journey as the #artforeverychild mission grows!